Thursday, October 23, 2008

LIfe without bread

I'm reading Life Without Bread. It is very good. I can relate to the increase in body fat from eating carbs. It goes into detail about metabolism and the theory behind their diet. It is a complement to Nourishing Traditions which discusses phylates and antinutrients in grains, good quality fats, enzymes, and all else nutrition. The habits that I have formed since finding Nourishing Traditions have been empowering.

Sugar usage is not advocated yet nearly all commercial products are laced with it in some form. Carbohydrates basically metabolize to sugar. In excess, it heavily populates the blood and gets circulated to cause problems all over. Grain usage has become heavily relied on in our society where eating for calories somehow makes sense. The inertia of these deep rooted beliefs in the face of increasing diabetes, heart disease and cancer are quite discouraging. Even problems like lethargy, low sex driveI enjoy books like these that provide a perspective based of research that confirm that we do have some control over what happens to our bodies.

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