Thursday, November 6, 2008

Natural Dental Care

It was not until I had became extremely mercury poisoned from a mouth ful of amalgam fillings that I realized that teeth are organs. I found Tooth Truth and Whole Body Dentistry; they were the beginning for me to an unorthodox view of dentistry. It was another problem whose root cause pointed to nutrition. It made sense now, I cleaned my teeth religiously even using the blue pills to reveal left on plaque only to find at dental visits that I had caries. I also remember an insatiable appetite for pasta at that time in my life. I despise the invasiveness of the procedures that I went through. The latex tastes from the gloves will forever be associated in my mind with dentists. To make a long story short, I want to save my son from this.

I've read that:
** certain bacteria and sugar can eat away enamel on the outside when brushing is not sufficient.
** certain foods can leech minerals that are necessary to nourish teeth
** tooth decay can be prevented and even healed by following the right protocol

It goes back to the teachings of Dr. Weston Price who traveled the world studying the dental profiles of indigenious peoples. He found their overall health and dental profiles to be significantly impressive compared to those of "civilized" people he had seen in his office.

I've read that caries can occur from calcium, phosphate, vitamin, and mineral deficient blood which caries nutrients through out the body including teeth. Cod liver oil, high vitamin butter have been said to aid in remineralization or regrowing teeth. We don't use toothpaste that contains flouride and glycerine as the coat teeth. The Tooth Truth also talks about procedures in normal dental cleaning visit that coats teeth with latex. Will definitely pass on these.

There is a book available: Cure Tooth Decay that was written by Ramiel Nagel after his own young daughter developed caries. His book was inspired by the findings of Dr. Price.

He also gives preview information here about early childhood caries

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price DDS is also a good source of information.

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